Cooperation offer concessionary taxi

Our new partners we offer:

  • low input
  • nonstop dispatching under favorable price conditions
  • possibility to rent a vehicle in the form of favorable operating lease (replacement vehicle as 24 months)
  • use of parking spaces Company Comfort taxi
  • the possibility of a replacement vehicle at fault
  • contractual orders
  • promotional material

In case you are interested, we are ready to face meetings where we all trade ideas clarified and agreed.

We believe that mutual cooperation can be able to get your confidence and the resulting successful long-term cooperation.

Offer business partners

Dear Sirs,

Let us reach this your company with the taxi for your customers
business partners and employees.

Our company in the field of taxi and charter passenger transport business for fifteen years and on entirely new foundations under single management, with new technologies, with new thinking and approach. During this time we have tried our business to the point of satisfaction, reliability, comfort and safety of our clients and this at the same time build a reputation transport company that is trusted by customers.

We are currently the largest regional carrier specializing in individual personal transport. Dozens of vehicles are available around the clock in all major cities of the region. Our fleets are uniform in color and design, all equipped with air conditioning, satellite GPRS online navigationally-monitoring equipment and the best possible safety equipment. Fleet in different cities of the same class where the age of vehicles shall not exceed 5 years.

Our pride is central nonstop dispatching, equipped with the latest technology used for on-line monitoring, recording, communication and control vehicles. Unique's own software tailored to a given field, which can be compared with the criteria of the European scale. The system's flexibility allows for continuous development and improvement, according to the clients' needs and requirements of modern times. This technology allows us to continuous monitoring of vehicles and personnel, accelerating the availability of cars to customers in case of any need to provide information about the location and condition of the vehicle for safety and rescue. Of course there is also the possibility of complaint services provided by us and by storing detailed information about the operation of the computer's memory. The client, in the case of a complaint, he can get detailed information about the course of any contract.

Partners, we offer monthly billing for customers orders and payment by credit card in the vehicle, management of partner companies VIP cards Comfort taxi.

Our experience with the domestic and foreign clients, regular staff training, investment in technological equipment, changed regularly and continuously maintained fleet allow us, are long-term partners as many Czech companies and foreign companies operating in the Czech Republic.

We would like to refer to the references of our longtime business partners. Our drivers have many years of experience with customer service immobile, as well as controlling all operations in assisting the clearance of passengers at airports (ticketink, cargo, etc.). Due to equipment, guaranteed standards and the size of our company we are regularly asked for a large-scale regional events.

In the case of interest we are ready to offer your company:

  • vehicles of the same class, single brand, color and high-end equipment
  • vehicle designations serial numbers for easy identification
  • favorable price conditions
  • Pay by credit card in the vehicle
  • billing option for companies
  • nonstop Vehicle delivery at any destination
  • VIP specially equipped vehicle for major customers
  • occupancy vehicle
  • nonstop dispatching receiving telephone and Internet orders
  • VIP Program application Comfort cab for management of your company, your major customers
  • representative, trained staff speaking foreign languages​​, intended for vehicles.

In case you are interested, we are ready to face meetings where we all trade ideas clarified and agreed.

We believe that we are able to offer quality service and reliable enough to lead to the satisfaction of both your clients and your satisfaction what our business partners.

We believe that mutual cooperation can be able to get your confidence and the resulting successful long-term cooperation.

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